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EXPI-DOOR® Systems Inc. was established in 1999 as an alternative to the existing door suppliers of that time. EXPI-DOOR® determined that there were many builders that wanted a higher grade of materials, an emphasis on quality workmanship, better customer service with more personalized attention, and long term support of the products.

EXPI-DOOR® also has the best operations, sales, and customer service personnel with many years of experience. The emphasis is getting information quickly to the customer, and in an understandable format to ensure questions are answered and information is complete.

Door and window programs can take many forms - in terms of the product selected and in how it ultimately gets to the builder. We are happy to work with metal building manufacturers and contractors to develop a unique program - better than the alternatives.

Customer Spotlight

Harman Construction

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Themes of faith, family, and pride run strong throughout Harman Construction, a design-build general contractor based in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The company began as a spin-off from the Harman family farm supply business years ago and is now well into their 2nd year as an employee owned company. Harman still maintains the tradition of hard work grounded in integrity. 

Harman Construction is a Butler Manufacturing Co. dealer and took a chance on EXPI-DOOR back when Butler first started offering our doors. They continue using EXPI-DOOR because of the one-source purchasing, saving them time. The preassembled doors also save them time, as they are able to install a complete door in approximately 30 minutes. And when they needed an atypically-sized door with special electronic-lock hardware, EXPI-DOOR provided a door assembly to meet their requirements. Harman Construction stated, "When we have questions on door or hardware, EXPI-DOOR services has been great to work with. They know their products and can answer your questions and provide info very quickly."

We appreciate Harman Construction, and we can see why they say, "Harman Construction is about Performance, Not Promises"

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